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Deep Second Degree Burn of Ferrous Chloride in a Worker at a Wastewater Treatment Facility
Journal of Korean Burn Society 2018;21(2):63-66
Published online December 1, 2018
© 2018 Journal of Korean Burn Society.

Young Woong Mo, M.D., Dong Lark Lee, M.D., Hea Kyeong Shin, M.D., Gyu Yong Jung, M.D.

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dongguk University College of Medicine, Gyeongju, Korea
Correspondence to: 이동락, 경북 경주시 동대로 87 ㉾ 38067, 동국대학교 의과대학 성형외과학교실Tel: 054-770-1460, Fax: 054-770-1469 E-mail:
Received July 14, 2018; Revised September 21, 2018; Accepted October 18, 2018.
FeCl2 is often used in stainless steel surface processing, wastewater treatment, or in laboratories. Effects of exposure to FeCl2 include predominantly systemic side effects that can occur when inhalation or oral intake occurs. However, it is known that skin irritation or burning can be caused by exposure to skin, but there has never been reported a case of deep FeCl2 burns. We will introduce a case of a patient treated with deep second degree burn due to FeCl2 exposure. A 27-year-old healthy man came in contact with FeCl2 on his right wrist. The patient didn’t wear any protective clothing, and the clothes were contaminated with FeCl2 about one hour ago, but the patient was not aware of the danger of exposure. After an hour, the patient felt tingling, so he took off his exposed clothes and washed exposed skin, then came to our hospital. Initially there were mild erosion, erythema, and tingling symptoms. Two days later, eschar began to develop and wound began to deepen. Surgical procedure was not performed and it took 5 weeks for the patient's wound to heal. As a rule, workers using FeCl2 are required to wear protective clothing. In Korea, companies and laboratories using FeCl2 are not strictly required the use of protective clothing. Workers handling FeCl2 should be strictly encouraged to wear protective clothing, if exposed, should be instructed to visit the hospital after a quick washing away.
Keywords : Burns, Chemical burns, Ferrous chloride

December 2018, 21 (2)
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